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Journal about The Keys


The sun bathes your skin in bright light. You hear the ducks quacking while you walk over the bridge that surpasses the slow stream of water. The green of the bushes and trees along the winding path have a calming impact on the mood that just starts to brighten up. Today’s work is finished, you know there is an afternoon of rest ahead of you and you eagerly look forward to it.


After a turn around the corner, following the way of the water for a few steps, enabling your eyes to catch more of the beauty that derives from Mother Nature’s child, you happen to slide your hand down to your pocket. There is no real reason to do so but, nevertheless, an ownerless force drives your hand magically. It takes four or even five seconds until you recognize, your head being occupied watching the natural movement of the ducks, then, it strikes you! There is something wrong. Your pocket is empty. You were looking for your keys, because your home is close, but they are gone.


Vigorously, all the pockets of your jeans are searched but only emptiness meets your dancing fingers. Your thoughts go crazy from one moment to another. Where have they disappeared to? You remember very certainly to have put them in the right, front pocket. You would risk a bet on it.


At this moment your imagination jumps from one assumption to another. You must have lost them. They have fallen out in the lecture. Maybe you just forgot them at home. How will you get into your flat? You left your phone in your room, for the first time today! Are the keys in your rucksack?


You take a look, afraid they are not there either. You were right, the bag is empty. Again you search your pockets, unable to believe that you have lost them. How much will it cost to replace them all? What if the locks need to be exchanged? Horror creeps up your back, drives your mind crazy.


Exasperatedly, you try to hold on to a tiny bit of hope, so your legs start moving to your flat. After that you will go search the lecture room. Again, you let both hands move across all pockets, and suddenly, something heavy pulls down your pants. The keys. In your back pocket. Relieve!


Taking them out, clutching them in both hand, is pure pleasure. The worries fall off and your body feels 100 pounds lighter. You wonder why you did not find them in the first place; anyway, that does not matter. It is similar to the glasses on top of your head when you turn your room upside down to find them. The answer is close, the solution a mile away.



Copyright (c) 2009 Nahno McLein. All rights reserved.