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What Music Inspired Me


The Lion King -- The Circle of Life (Disney), Age 8 At the age of eight so many things seemed a lot easier than today. Whenever you see one of these deeply in your mind engraved Disney films, your memory carries you back to the times when you believed that Peter Pan can really fly and Simba watches over you.


The pure fascination of the wide field with antelopes jumping across the dry grass, dancing to the voices of African singers and the lyrics of Elton John. The meaning of “the circle of life” is irrelevant, only the rhythmic pattern and the amazing pictures matter. Now years later, the meaning of the song is obvious, but visiting the musical and letting the play take you back in time, again it all becomes irrelevant, the past years seemingly wiped out. The joy is what counts; your emotions are caught in the moment of childish happiness.


Mamma Mia: Super Trooper , Age 12

Sitting in the living room with my parents on the green leather sofa, watching MTV, a sudden beat catches my ear. I never heard it before, so I assume, but the action in the video draws me in immediately. I ask my mum who the artist is and she tells me that this is a very old song; impossible for me to believe as the energy it conveys is too modern in my opinion. A few weeks later, when I bought the CD of the group, I find out it is a remake of ABBAs Mamma Mia musical. Thus, I start listening to that CD over and over again, dancing in my room to that particular song, browsing through the cover-leaflet and, whenever feeling unhappy, turning on these melodies on repeat.


Many years later, I haven’t heard the music in a long time, I find the CD on a shelf and vivid memories of old times appear, me lying in bed for three hours with my headphones on and only one CD in the portable CD-player. Curious about the influence the music will have now, I turn it on and hear the rhythm of the songs of which all the lyrics are in my head. I take a seat, close my eyes and listen cheerfully. My body seems to float and the weight of time falls off like an unbuckled diver’s weight belt, leaving me solely in the rush of remembered images and feelings. A relieved grin is the result as I start singing along.


Avril Lavigne: Get Over It, Age 16

Zapping through the collection of MP3-files on my computer, finding some very old ones long forgotten about, it happens that I see a title that startles my mind at once. “Get Over It”. How long has it been since I have heard this song? It used to be one of my favorites. Quickly, it is added to my current favorites-playlist. I feel the urge to press the little triangle of windows media player at this very moment, so I give in and turn the volume up, as loud as it can be, because that is the only way the song unfolds its true nature. Endless power derives from the loudspeakers; through my ears and the vibrating skin it sifts straight into my veins. Nothing seems to be able to hurt me, no person can force his will on me anymore, for I am invincible.


I imagine myself sitting on my bed in Florida, early in the morning when darkness still ruled outside. I had been up all night, downloaded music, used instant messaging or surfed the web. Then my mind had looked back at the times when I was still at home, unstable and lost in a never ending crush. I opened a folder full of images, flagitious pictures. A sentimental rush rolled over me. In search for a distraction I turned on the newest downloaded music and the magical sound of Avril Lavigne’s voice pulled me in. For the first time her song stroke me and it helped immediately to get over it for the time being. I felt stronger with her relentless resentment against her lover. Finally, I found a way to overcome annoying sentimentalism.



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